Infection Control Association (Singapore) was founded in February 2000 by the following founding members:

Achievement over the years

APSIC Courses

  1. The first APSIC Course was jointly organized by Infection Control Association and Infection Control Chapter in 2002.
  2. 1-11 September 2006 – 3rd APSIC Training Course for Infection Control
  3. 1-11 September 2008 – 4th APSIC Training Course in Infection Control at Furama City Centre
  4. 12-22 July 2010 – 5th APSIC Training Course in Infection Control
  5. 2-12 July 2012 – 6th APSIC Course in Infection Control at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

Advanced Course in Infection Control

  1. 21 August 2009 – Advanced Course in Infection Control at Singapore General Hospital

Infection Control Training Course

  1. 12-15 December 2006 – REDI Centre Train-The-Trainer Course in Infection Control
  2. 29-30 September 2010 – ICAS Infection Control Training Course for ILTCs 2010
  3. October 2011 – ICA Course for AIC

ICAS Congress

  1. 6-7 November 2009 – First International Congress in Infection Control (ICAS 10th year Anniversary) – Meeting New Challenges in Infection Control at Grand Copthorne Waterfront
  2. 18-20 February 2011 – Second ICAS Congress at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel


  1. Sponsored 10 members to APSIC Congress 2009 in Macau
  2. Sponsored 6 members to APSIC Conference 2011 in Melbourne

Organized Seminars

  1. 15 October 2008 at Health Promotion Board – The real Cost of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) Can Anyone Fully Measure?
  2. 28 February 2009 – Multi-drug Resistant Acinetobacter Baumanii at Furama City Centre
  3. 25 April 2009 – Hand Hygiene Workshop at Carlton Hall, York Hotel.
  4. 13 July 2009 at Swissotel Merchant Court – Patient Management: The Era of Rapid Diagnostic Results
  5. 19 June 2010 – Hand Hygiene Workshop at Carlton Hall, York Hotel.
  6. 9 April 2011 – Sterile Reprocessing Competency Workshop at Goodwood Park Hotel

Infection Control Week

  1. 30 November 2010 – National Infection Control Week, Hilton Hotel, Singapore


  1. Guidelines for School and Childcare Centre launched 6 November 2009
  2. Infection Control Guidelines for Long Term Care Facility launched January 2010
  3. Guidelines on MRSA
  4. The AEAN Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization of Instruments in Health Care Facilities
  5. VAP Guidelines


To facilitate exchange of information and data on infection control principles and practices through workshops, and publications.
To formulate recommendations, guidelines or standards by the consensus of working groups.
To educate all trainees and members of the health care professions on the importance and practice of good infection control measures both within medical institutions and in the community.
To foster research into patterns of established and emergent infections and their modes of transmission, and into new and improved measures designed to interrupt such transmissions.