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Membership Qualification and Rights

1. Membership is open to Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents.
2. There shall be three categories of memberships. They are as follows:

  • Ordinary members are practising infection control professionals or any person interested/involved in infection control. Ordinary Members have the right to vote and the right to hold office in the Society.
  • Corporate members shall be pharmaceutical firms, business, business organisations and other registered bodies related to infection control. A representative nominated by the organisation shall represent each corporate member. Corporate members do not have the right to vote and to hold office in the Society.
  • Honorary members shall be chosen by simple majority vote of the Executive Committee. They shall be chosen based on their eminence in the particular field of infection control or the wider fields of medical practice, research or education. Honorary Members shall not have the right to vote or to hold office in the Society.
3. Persons who are below 18 years of age shall not be accepted as members without written consent of their parent or guardian.
4. Only members who are above 18 years of age shall have the right to vote and to hold office in the Society.

Application for Membership

1. A person wishing to join the Society should submit his particulars to the Secretary on a prescribed form.
2. The Committee will decide on the application for membership.
3. A copy of the Constitution shall be provided to every approved member upon payment of the entrance fee.

Entrance Fees, Subscriptions and Other Dues

1. The entrance fee is payable within two weeks of election to membership, in default of which membership may be cancelled by order of the Committee.
2. The entrance fees and subscriptions shall be determined by the General Meeting on recommendation from the Committee from time to time.
3. Entrance fees and subscriptions are payable as follows:

  • Ordinary Members shall pay an entrance fee and subsequent subscription fee of S$25 annually.
  • Corporate members shall pay an entrance fee of S$500 and an annual subscription fee of S$100.
  • Honorary members shall pay no fees.
4. For retiree memberships, the entrance fee is waived and the yearly subscription is reduced by half.
5. Annual subscriptions are payable in advance within the first month of the year. If a member falls into arrears with his subscription or other dues, he shall be informed immediately by the Treasurer. If he fails to settle his arrears within 4 weeks of their becoming due, the President may order that his name be posted on the Society’s notice board and that he be denied the privileges of membership until he settles his account. If he falls into arrears for more than 3 months, he will automatically cease to be a member and the Committee may take legal action against him provided that they are satisfied that he has received due notice of his debts.
6. Any additional fund required for special purposes may only be raised from members with the consent of the general meeting of the members.


To facilitate exchange of information and data on infection control principles and practices through workshops, and publications.
To formulate recommendations, guidelines or standards by the consensus of working groups.
To educate all trainees and members of the health care professions on the importance and practice of good infection control measures both within medical institutions and in the community.
To foster research into patterns of established and emergent infections and their modes of transmission, and into new and improved measures designed to interrupt such transmissions.